Rolph Masco is an ambitious and talented upcoming ambassador of the electronic music. He was born in Eastern-Hungary and got his first impressions from the works of Marco Carola, Sven Väth and Carl Cox, while being a teenager. He was charmed by the mysterious atmosphere of those special vinyl-parties.

Rolph started to visit record stores in Budapest and Vienna, and so he got close to new directions: falling in love with house was easy and this love seems to be eternal. He prefers deep and melodic sounds, however he is very open minded if it comes to produce music. He is desperate to learn and create, therefore he set up a complete studio for making his own tracks.

Rolph Masco has played at many Hungarian events both on the countryside and in the capital. He pays attention for his audience and the event itself and adapts himself to the right mood. His selections are based upon the widest range of house music, still he has a unique sound to make him recognizable.

His great story is just beginning...!